"Sasha is an efficient, professional, and compassionate editor. Her immediate response to my every call for help, her perfect understanding of the academic writing process, as well as her ability to empathize and readiness to offer suggestions of more than just a grammatical and syntactical nature, make her more than just than an editor for me. She is my writing companion and sometimes my writing mentor. Without her, my academic life would have been quite different. Thank you, Sasha, for your help!"

— Rubia Akram, academic



As an academic myself, I understand the rigours of scholarly writing.

I provide professional, high-quality editing of thesis and dissertation manuscripts, as well as articles for publication. I’ve edited widely in fields ranging from English literature to physics. I work in APA, Chicago, and MLA styles. I can also accommodate other style guides.

I provide reasonable rates, graduate student pricing, and fast turnarounds. I also work with ESL academic writers and edit in Canadian, U.S., and British English.

My own academic writing has won many awards. Read a sample here. I have an MA in English and teach scholarly writing and English at a university. Find my CV here.

Not sure how to go about the editing process? Message me to find out how I can help and to ask for a free four-page sample edit of your writing.

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  • Typographical errors

  • Mechanical errors

  • Spelling errors

  • Capitalization errors

  • Punctuation errors

    • Commas, semicolons, colons & hyphens

    • Oxford commas

    • Plural-possessive confusion

    • Contractions


  • All proofreading elements

  • Correct grammar

    • Passive voice

    • Subject-verb agreement

    • Verb tense

    • Pronoun-referent agreement

  • Consistency of style & voice, eliminating:

    • Vagueness

    • Subjective tone

  • Proper flow

  • Precision of diction (e.g., "effect" vs. "affect")

  • Strict adherence to the required style (APA, Chicago, MLA)

    • In-text citations

    • Bibliographic citations

    • Table of contents

    • Body formatting

    • Appendix & introductory material

    • Headings

    • Block quotations

    • Headers & footers

    • Figures & tables

    • Pagination

    • Spacing


  • Structural changes

  • Reorganization of sentences & paragraphs

  • Alteration of text to ensure logical sequence and structure of arguments

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