"Sasha has been an important asset to me during the process of many of my academic writing projects. Her keen eye for detail, focused sense of flow and style, and careful attention to the project as a whole, make her an ideal person to help anyone hone and craft any piece of writing. I couldn’t do it without her!"

— Katelyn Dykstra Dykerman


I'm deeply passionate about writing. I'm an editor because I want to help writers write the books that change who we are.  


As a writer, academic, and teacher, my life revolves around writing. I edit fiction, nonfiction, and academic writing. I'm also a novelist and teach writing and literature at a university.

As an editor, I work to ensure your writing demonstrates craft and clarity. Whether you're writing a story or submitting a dissertation, I offer expert assistance so your writing meets the highest standards.

I have an MA and a BA (hon), each with focuses in English literature and creative writing. My novel, The Borders, was first begun as my MA thesis and is in the process of being published. It is about colonization in Canada: who gets to tell stories and what that has to do with land. It is made up of competing and conflicting narratives and different kinds of storytelling. The book has already won awards. You can read an except here.

I love Southern Gothic and magical realism writing. I especially like William Faulkner, Monique Truong, Arundhati Roy, Toni Morrison, Jeanette Winterson, Michael Ondaatje, Tennessee Williams, Virginia Woolf, Louise Erdrich, Leonard Cohen, and Cormac McCarthy.

My academic interests include intersections of nation and self as well as queerness and exile. Feel free to read a sample of my academic work

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