“Sasha is a fierce editor. She embodies all the qualities needed to create a written work of art. She is direct, efficient, honest and professional. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. She was the perfect fit for our manuscript and we will be sure to use her services in the future for our next book.”

— LeRae & Beauty Faulkner, memoir



Stories are how we make sense of the world. They show us where we've been, who we are, and who we could be. They are a way back to ourselves and a means to our evolution.

I professionally edit nonfiction manuscripts—memoirs, monographs, how-to, self-help, treatises, stories, and others. I provide personal attention and a meticulous sense of detail. 

I work to expertly polish your writing. I edit in Canadian, U.S., and British English.

I have years of professional editing experience and an MA in English with a focus in writing. My own writing has won a number of awards. Read a sample here. I also teach writing and literature at a university.

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levels of nonfiction editing:





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Book coaching is a combined service that includes all levels of editing and phone or Skype consultations to guide you throughout the whole book-writing process. Writing a book is hard. I provide direction and help with any roadblocks you encounter. Once you’re ready for editing, we tackle that head on. This total service is adaptable to your needs. Let’s make a book you can be proud of. 


With developmental and substantive editing, I work on the larger elements of your writing—structure, voice, arc, and the re-arrangement of sentences and paragraphs. In this way, I ensure coherency of vision and a proper flow of content. This editing also involves close communication, a thorough re-working of your text, and detailed, comprehensive written feedback. 


As a copy editor, I work at the level of the sentence: the minutia of a manuscript. I inspect issues of grammar, phrasing, diction, consistency of style and voice, and proofreading elements (spelling, typographical, punctuation, and formatting errors). If you’re ready to finalize your manuscript, you need a copy edit. 


Proofreading is the final pass of a work and addresses typographical, mechanical, spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as formatting or layout inconsistencies. Proofreading is for manuscripts that have already been professionally edited. 

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