"I encourage everyone with the need for writing and editing to give Sasha a chance. She is excellent!" 
— Irena Belcovsky, grant proposal


Besides editing book-length projects and academic writing, I also provide editing and content creation of the below.


Do you have a communiqué that needs to be just right? Giving your customers the right impression is important. I’ll make sure your company communication hits the right tone. I guarantee prompt and superior work. I provide all levels of business editing and content creation—whatever you need to communicate effectively with your customers or partners. Ask me how I can help!


Getting that perfect job depends on not only what qualifications you have, but how well you sell those qualifications. To get the interview your resume and cover letter need to stand above everybody else's. Trust this work to a professional. I've written hundreds of letters and cover letters, most of which got my clients the interview. Message me to find out what I can do for your job application!


Securing funding for your organization or project often has less to do with the quality of your work and more to do with the quality of writing in your proposal. No matter how amazing your work is, if your proposal does not sell that work effectively and clearly, you will have difficulty acquiring funds.

Let a professional grant writer take care of that for you. I’ll consult with you, research the organization you're applying to, and build the kind of quality proposal that will secure you funding. Let's talk about how I can help get you that funding!


Need your blog post to say exactly what you mean? I have plenty of experiencing helping clients polish all kinds of personal writing: blogs, speeches, journals, memoirs, eulogies, and many others. If you have a piece that needs that extra touch, I can help.


Having trouble finding the right words or voice for your project? I have helped many clients produce writing for all manner of projects. I offer the personal service to ensure your project becomes what you envision it to be. Contract me here.


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